The Town of Strážnice

The first written report about the town dates back to 1302. From the old fortification only two entrance gates to the town have survived. The original water castle was rebuilt into a chateau. In the 16th century, it was among the biggest and most populated towns in Moravia.

Great personalities like Jan Ámos Komenský and Tomáš Garigue Masaryk studied in Strážnice. Jan Evangelista Purkyně, a famous scientist, taught at local Piarist high school. Historical sights include the Museum of Rural Architecture in South Moravia, St. Martin´s Church with its former watchtower, Strážnice Chateau and the Synagogue with the Jewish cemetery.  Strážnice is proud not only for its historical sights but also of natural jewels – flood-plain forests, blowing sands and natural meanders of the Morava River from the one side, and White Carpathians´ meadows with orchids from the other. 


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